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Woohoo!. Now that the Street Fighter Tribute Book is out (long time ago) I can now upload this. Looking back at what I did, I can say that I could have done a much better job now, heh, but still, I like my Blanka (The character, not MY blanka *giggles*), my favorite piece to date for 2 reasons, 1, because it got me into the book and 2, because it got me into the book. Here’s the sketch: [link]

I’m really so humbled to be part in this book a long side a bunch of great talents from around the world. If you haven’t bought this book hurry up and buy the paperback at any online shop of your liking, has it [link] . ”And You Are Done” . /end advertising. heh.

I still don’t have the book at hand, when it comes it sure will be a great inspiration and a little push I needed to get back full time into the game, or not :P .

Anyways, hope you guys like it.


Blanka (c) Capcom

Bimago El Cínico

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