Artist’s Comments

This request is for my friend :iconjaybhoi: , thanks for making me do this.

Finished at long last! Ugh, I was really artist blocked with this one, every time I picked up the pencil I got the chills, didn’t really know what to draw or how to draw Kakaroto. I was afraid I wouldn’t do it right, that’s a weird feeling.

Anyhow, after I finally got the balls (pun intended XD) to draw this I came to the conclusion that my style changed, this one doesn’t look like what I’ve been doing a few months back, I really like how this turned out, I really hope I’m consistent with it.

Goku (C) Akira Toriyama ? Funimation ? Toei ? What the hell I don’t know.

Bimago El Cínico

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