Comic Script Guide for Film, Games and Animation.

A script of comics is a beast difficult of tame. As the script for a film, it has two functions:

  • Provide a map to create both your and your partner will be done. 
  • Be a tool of communication between the writer and the editor (and the editor!). 
However, unlike a movie script, there is not a single format. There are so many formats and styles as writers there. Some will use one or two words of description to give the artist the largest liberty to do their job; others like Alan Moore (Watchmen, V fo Vendetta, From Hell), describe each panel with exhaustive detail.

comic script example

Guide to scripts of comic.

In this book, the writer Tyler Weaver shares his format of writing comics, which is recommended for convenience and to be an effective communication tool that eliminates the confusion. As says the author, the work of a writer is communicate clearly their ideas to the artist, in a way that both can count your history and leave to the writer enough space to use his own experience.

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