Artist’s Comments

Here’s another piece, did that in 2 days :( , too slow just for this IMO. Anyways, I love the Hulk, he’s my favorite Marvel Character. Why did I choose that kind of perspective ? well I wanted to do a perspective I’ve never done before. Mr. Hulk was supposed to be standing in a big glassy chunk of ice, but I got lazy and just drew him like if he was standing on Invicible Woman’s Invisible force field floor… or something along those lines. By the birds on the sky you can tell he DID step on something. hehe.

I painted Hulk using photoshop, with a totally different technic than the one I used on “Lethal Enemies”. And truth to be told, I like this “new” technic, but it’s tedious, takes too much time, but what’s the rush, right ?. I like it a thousand times more.

What do you guys think ? You like ? dislike ? what do I need to improve ? Good perspective ? Too much questions ? why ?

Bimago El Cínico

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